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Terms & Conditions

In Technical Publications, no two jobs are the same.

No two customers are the same, I cover varied technologies and often different readership demographics (to name but three issues out of many possible). For these reasons, I can’t make up-front quotes. Also, experience has taught me that at least one meeting is probably needed to discuss the job. I can then put a contract together for your specific needs (if you don’t have one already).

I can promise the following though:

  • The copy you get will be original.
  • Once you have paid me, the material belongs to you unless you say otherwise.
  • Any information you give me and any material I produce for you will be treated with absolute confidentiality (other than the obvious law enforcement and security caveats).

I can work through an agency as part of your supply chain or directly (though an agency will probably have a contract set up already). I can work on an hourly, daily or fixed-fee basis from your site or mine. If you want to know more, give me a call, or use the contact email.

Aviation Industry
Nuclear Industry
Gas Turbines

“Bowdawn has provided technical authoring services across multiple technologies (ranging from nuclear processes to children’s nursery procedures) and has worked with some of the biggest enterprises in the world.”

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