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Qualifications & Attributes

Firstly, apologies.

I don’t have many examples to draw upon for this page, as I’ve found that not many websites use this sub-heading. I want to show that I’ve been involved in high-risk and high-value technologies for pretty much all my working life. I am now successfully producing technical procedures and processes for these technologies – a hugely rewarding and challenging occupation. There’s a bit more to it than that though.

I don’t want to give you a boring list of qualifications (starting with my MA in 2000 and working backwards). Nor do I think a cut and paste of my CV would be appropriate here.

What I can say is that I have had a long and multi-stranded career at the sharp end. I can also show a track record of support for the sharp end by producing the documentation it needs.

I believe in attaining (and have attained) the highest qualifications available to support what I do – from licences in military and civilian aerospace to my current MA in Technical Publications.

I am also permanently looking for new challenges and interesting assignments. For instance - there is a wealth of information out there to show that back-office decisions and compromises can have catastrophic consequences, often years after the fact. I think I have gained some insight on how to avoid this.

I think the rest of this website backs up what I’ve written here. If you think this experience and expertise may be of use to you, get in touch and we’ll discuss it.

Aviation Industry
Nuclear Industry
Gas Turbines

“Bowdawn has provided technical authoring services across multiple technologies (ranging from nuclear processes to children’s nursery procedures) and has worked with some of the biggest enterprises in the world.”

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