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Plant Services & Maintenance

Bowdawn has provided documentation and advice on the maintenance of existing plant, legacy plant, commissioning and decommissioning.

Existing Plant

For existing plant, you may want to produce:

  • New instructions for new ways of working
  • Amendments to cater for modifications to plant
  • Instructions to show regulatory compliance
  • Incorporation of OEM manual material into your existing system
  • Instructions for sub-contract partner maintenance companies to show Intelligent Customer due diligence
  • Amendments to give greater clarity of hazards, to include items from risk assessments, and to show compliance with safe systems of work.

Bowdawn has done all of the above, for a number of customers.

Legacy Plant

Legacy plant can be trickier. Your plant may be perfectly serviceable and able to give many more years of service – but recently trained technicians may need more help to operate and maintain it (especially when it goes wrong). There may be a need for knowledge capture from more experienced people in order to aid newer staff. This may be especially true for the maintenance of safety systems.

Bowdawn has done this too, as part of initiatives in nuclear power stations.


For commissioning, things can be really exciting. Brand new systems (perhaps working together in innovative ways) and operation/maintenance instructions that may need to evolve quickly for compliance and stage-payment reasons.

There may even be a need for maintenance and operation instructions to match commissioning requirements that will need to be looked at for suitability for handover to business as usual staff. I have produced work with an eye to future amendment to make this more efficient.


There may be a need to de-commission an entire site, a system on a running plant, or to keep a plant “alive” during a phased de-commissioning process. This will usually mean modification to existing instructions to remove items, or even the writing of new instructions to take account of different risks and changes to plant behaviour.

There will need to be guidance on disposal routes for old equipment and to indicate the required waste streams for environmental compliance. Regulators may be especially interested in this.

I can help here.

New Maintenance Management Methods

I have worked to document the adoption of asset maintenance strategies to PAS55 (now migrated to ISO 55000). I have also documented projects to adopt INPO AP-913 asset management systems (including the establishment of System Engineers and Technical Basis of Maintenance) on a nuclear site. Projects such as this tend to be large. New management structures, new ways of working and better software and asset performance-capture methods tend to come as part of the job.

The documentation challenges here can be formidable, with the need to justify large corporate effort for benefits that may not show for some time after adoption. Such projects may also be part of wider restructuring, which may come with its own challenges.

Bowdawn has assisted in two of these projects, on large nuclear sites.

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“Bowdawn has provided technical authoring services across multiple technologies (ranging from nuclear processes to children’s nursery procedures) and has worked with some of the biggest enterprises in the world.”

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