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I have used this page for some of the work I’ve done that possibly falls outside the broad industrial categories on other pages. This page is intended to show versatility and willingness to take on new challenges. I hope you agree.


I spent three months writing for a Royal Navy fleet tanker (RFA). I worked on propulsion shafting and rudder hydraulics.


Producing procedures for London Underground trains (on the Jubilee Line).

British Army:

The British Army is always one of my most interesting customers. I wrote topics for the AS90 self propelled gun (ammunition handling and NBC) and for a 35 tonne modular bridge. All this was to the Army’s AESP system.


I worked for a luxury car manufacturer, documenting special options for dealer fit. This job involved regular presentations to executive meetings, very often at short notice.


I provided regulatory compliance, marketing and operational material for a large children’s nursery.


I was an editor on a large bid to MoD for a surveillance aircraft. We won the competition.

Assisted Escape:

I spent two years writing maintenance and overhaul material for ejection seats for military aircraft. This is very demanding work, simply because of the nature of the technology and the application. Put simply, there is no Plan B because this is Plan B. It isn’t academic either – these seats get used. At the time I was working on this technology, we were running at one ejection per month world-wide. One in seven of the seats we made was used in a live ejection.

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“Bowdawn has provided technical authoring services across multiple technologies (ranging from nuclear processes to children’s nursery procedures) and has worked with some of the biggest enterprises in the world.”

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