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Bowdawn has been working in the nuclear industry since 1992.

During that time, we have worked with companies in pretty much every facet of the industry, on eight different sites, from enrichment to decommissioning. Bowdawn has provided documentation for commissioning, operator instructions, maintenance instructions and management. We’ve also provided work for large management restructuring programmes and safety case compilation.

The work has ranged from forensic detail (such as reconciliation of welding qualification records, weld schemes and X-ray records to fully define the modifications to a reactor cooling system) to site management (such as reorganisation and establishment of new departments).

This has meant interfacing with customer’s people at all levels, from shop floor to boardroom. That kind of adaptability is something you’ll see coming through in most of this website.

We’ve been involved in the transfer of maintenance departments from previous top-down structures to PAS55 (now ISO55000) and INPO AP-913 (with the establishment of System Engineering disciplines).

I don’t want to state the obvious, but this kind of work involves practices and ways of approaching jobs that transfer into other industries. In particular, PAS55 (ISO55000) is intended to match most industries and companies.

So far as the technical publications side of things goes, I can work to BS EN82079 (Preparing of Instructions for use – Structuring, Content and Presentation) and the INPO AP-907 (Procedure Professionals Association) series of publications.

In short, I’ve been in the nuclear industry for some time, worked in quite a few places and done quite a bit of work.

If you want to take advantage of this experience (not necessarily only nuclear), contact me and we’ll discuss it.

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“Bowdawn has provided technical authoring services across multiple technologies (ranging from nuclear processes to children’s nursery procedures) and has worked with some of the biggest enterprises in the world.”

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