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Gas Turbines

I started my working life as an engine fitter with the RAF, progressing to become a Licensed CAA Engineer on helicopter and (later) large passenger aircraft.

I’ve produced technical documentation or actually worked on:

  • Fast jet engines – including reheat systems and reverse-thrust braking
  • Helicopter propulsion systems (including gearbox and rotor systems)
  • Turboprops (including propellers)
  • Turbofans (from large to very large!)
  • Vertical take-off and landing (Harrier)
  • Aeroderivative engines for industrial use.

I surprised myself when I checked my CV for this page. I’ve worked on or written about engines ranging from the Rolls Royce Avon 100 in the Hawker Hunter up to the Trent 900 in the A380. This has included work for first line (or Ramp) maintenance right up to deep strip and rebuild.

Like most things in aviation (in fact, like most things on this site), gas turbine engines are robust and reliable. But they are also precision-engineered, very expensive and the consequences of mistreating them are potentially catastrophic.

None of the above makes me any kind of expert, but it does mean I can probably talk to an expert, ask the right questions, and get the information the maintainer needs.

As with the other tabs on this site, the attitude of mind, necessary rigour and grasp of detail transfers to other activities and technologies.

If you think I might be able to help, give me a call or use the Contact Us page.

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