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Business Management

I decided to highlight this aspect because it differs so much from the “pure” technical authoring that I do. Business management writing (especially changing the way a business runs itself) can be a very dynamic environment for the author. Things can change quickly and radically, a high level of confidentiality is essential (especially in the formative stages), and corporate message and values have a much greater influence on these projects. You also have to be in touch with the whole document suite to avoid inconsistencies or version control problems, not forgetting that the effort may involve different companies with different priorities. One other major difference is that the hazards are different. If a technical task goes wrong, the results are usually pretty immediate (except for recording and quality issues). Human factors come into play and procedural error traps can cause things to go wrong quickly.

But business processes are different. They can contain latent weaknesses that may not be apparent for some time (maybe years) after writing and implementing. Legislators and regulators recognise this and expect to see appropriate checks and balances.

Bowdawn has been working in this area since 1996. We have worked in multi-national aerospace design environments, major corporate restructuring of nationally significant sites and efforts to give regulator assurance in a number of highly regulated industries. We have worked with management teams, quality managers and as part of investigations. At a more local level, the documenting of a goods-receipt and parts withdrawal process poses no problem either.

Documenting of an established business may be necessary for a number of regulatory, commercial or legal reasons. In these cases proper documenting of the business as-is can show up areas where improvements can yield results. At the very least, this kind of project will clarify responsibilities and may show areas of overlap.

And don’t forget – having us do this documentation work frees up managerial and executive time, especially as deadlines can alter rapidly.

With our 10 year experience in the field, it may be worth contacting us if you think we might be able to help.

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